Happy Housewarming Peabody!

A blogger I stumbled upon from the WC board just moved into a beautiful, new house and has decided to have a virtual housewarming party. She's been gracious enough to invite everyone.

I thought that these mini meatloaf muffins would be great for a party since they are appetizer size and I love meatloaf (who doesn't?). They're easy, cheap and as I found out recently... can be Weight Watcher friendly! So all of Peabody's Weight Watcher friends can enjoy a nice appetizer.

I used a recipe from the blog of a fellow nestie from the WC board, tbrp2005. I followed the instructions/ingredients exactly (including the tomato sauce she omitted). They were great!! I hope everyone likes them :)

3 WW points per serving (two muffins=1 serving)

Source: One Tiny Pink Kitchen


Peabody said...

So cute...and after all the goodies I have seen that are coming, we are going to need a little WW friendly food. :)
Thanks so much for participating.

Gretchen Noelle said...

I also enjoy a good meatloaf and think the mini sized ones are delicious! Great idea for the party!


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