Guess what I got today???

Blake Makes PBDDL! For those of you who don't know already, Blake Killian of just gave away his second batch of peanut butter dulce de leche to the first 40 some people who responded to his blog post. Well I signed up as a Sooper Hero soon after the first give away and was bummed to find that I missed out on such a great product. When I heard Blake was giving away more soon I made sure to add him to my GR to keep up with the new progress of the next batch.

I had the date marked on my calender and was ready to post as soon as 8pm rolled around. Too bad I didn't read the fine print and 8pm my time was 9pm Blake's time! I posted a comment anyway hoping for a miracle and didn't hear anything back until today. I am walking to my front door after a long day at work... not only a long day but a long day with two loooong meetings... to find the best little box in the world (ok, second best after my engagement ring box). Joseph had no idea why I was screaming and jumping up and down holding a little white box...

So I finally caught my breath and explained to him what I stated above. He than asked why I was running to get my camera out... duh! I need to document this important moment in my life! ::insert husband rolling eyes here:: I ignored Joseph and went on to open my box in pure childish excitement.

All about the packaging

The cutest darn labels ever

It's real... I scored some PBDDL!

I cannot wait to start thinking about what I am going to make with my two jars. I am thinking something sweet with one and something savory with the other. Hmmm... I wonder how many WW points are in one jar... I don't even want to know :) And last but not least... the first thing I did when I opened a jar...

It was pretty darn good. Too bad Joseph's allergic to peanuts. I guess I am going to have to enjoy the creamy goodness for the both of us. I will be posting soon about my adventures with PBDDL!

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Miranda said...

PBDDL, I LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxoxoox


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