WFD? Week of 4/10/2011 {Weekly Meal Planning}

The best thing about weekly meal planning for me is that I have a stocked house. I know that I will have fresh veggies and fruits stocked up and I'll have a good plan should anything happen mid-week and, say, I forget that I planned a crock pot meal and it's 2pm. This happens a lot. So I switch things up and have pizza on Wednesday instead of Saturday. And it's ok because I already shopped and have all of the ingredients on hand. Right? Well...

Sometimes the dish does change a bit when it gets to the end of the week because I either forgot and used some ingredients in another dish (or for lunch) or I swore I already had something at home and forgot a key ingredient. But I don't panic! I just move on with the next meal I have all of the ingredients for or I improvise.

So sometimes you'll see a recipe from the previous week included in this week's line up. It isn't because I absolutely LOVED it and had to have it again... no, it's more likely that I just didn't prepare it the week before but still want to give it a chance. If I STILL haven't made it that second week than I more than likely just drop it off the menu and save it for another month.

Week of 4/10/2011

Sunday - WW+ Points
Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti via Emily Bites 

Monday -  7 WW+ Points
Sage Chicken & Red Potatoes via Weight Watchers

Tuesday -  6 WW+ Points
Bacon, Ranch & Chicken Mac and Cheese via Cooking Light March 2010

Wednesday - 9 WW+ Points
Chicken Pad Thai (minus the peanuts) via Weight Watchers

Thursday - 6 WW+ Points
Country Fried Steak & Gravy via LaaLosh

Friday - 9 WW+ Points
Pesto Salmon Salad (to go - I have an event tonight so I'll be eating on the run)

Saturday - WW+ Points
Meatballs & Polenta via Two Pink Hippos

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