Our Anniversary Trip: San Francisco Part One

San Francisco was wonderful. The weather cooperated for us. It was slightly windy but mostly sunny all weekend and I even got a little sunburn on the last day! We had a wonderful time perusing the shops and eateries and even ran into a few sweet surprises along the way.

We stopped at Fisherman's Wharf for some fun at Pier 39 and Ghiradelli Square.

First up was Kara's Cupcakes in Ghiradelli Square:

The cupcakes were fantastic. I had a Chocolate Peanut Butter. The peanut butter frosting was rich and creamy and the cake was moist and flavorful. All in all it was well worth the $3 we spent on them :)

And Joseph had a Sweet Vanilla. It was a vanilla cupcake with sweet madagascar bourbon vanilla frosting and he was licking his fingers afterwards :)

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Joelen said...

Yay! We went to Napa/Sonoma/San Fran for our 1 year anniversary a couple years ago. I look forward to your reviews while you are there... and Happy Anniversary!


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